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Air Mover Combined Product Sheet (Front Page)

Auto Scrubbers- AS 85 BR, New

Auto Scrubbers- AS 50E & B, New

Auto Scrubbers- Adiatek

Auto Scrubbers- Battery, AS 35B

Auto Scrubbers- Cable, AS 45E

Auto Scrubbers- Battery, GT 50B

Auto Scrubbers- Battery, AS 65B, AS 76B

Auto Scrubbers- Battery, AS 41B

Auto Scrubbers- KleenMaster, New

Blowers New

Carpet Extractor – Self Contained

Floor Machines – C33, C43, C43HD Italia Series

Floor Machines – DF19 Carpet Dry Foam Cleaner

Floor Mopping Equipment, New

Floor Scrubber ALS

High Pressure Cleaners – Electric

High Pressure Cleaners – Petrol Engine Driven

Kleen Colour Coded Mopping Equipment, New

Page 3, Vacuum Cleaners – NP Series, New

Page 4, Floor Machines – C33 Italia Series (N)

Page 5, Floor Machines – C43 (N)

Page 6, Floor Machines – Master Series

Page 7, Floor Machines – Stone Doctor

Page 8, Floor Machines – KM 175 Marble Machine

Page 9, Floor Mopping Equipment 3P, New, New

Page 9, Floor Mopping Equipment 3P, New

Page 10, Microfibre Cleaning Products

Page 10, Wet Mops

Page 11, Service Trolley & Carts

Page 12, Dust Bins

Page 13, Washroom Equipment

Page 14, Window Cleaning Equipment


S Vida Washroom Professional

Santoemma Sabrina Upholstery

Vacuum Cleaners – NP Series

Vacuum Sweepers – SweepMaster Series (N)

VS1 & VS2 Dry Foam Upholstery Cleaners

X-45 Escalator & Travelator Cleaner

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