Cleaning Chemicals

Krypton Resources specializes in cleaning and maintenance chemicals serving different fields and industries. Our wide range of cleaning solutions are ready to clean up the world. Contact us to create a cleaner, healthier working environment. Our products including:

Deluxe 800 Non Stack Conductive Ploish
Deluxe 801 Instant Strip
Deluxe 802 Double Strip
Deluxe 804 Polylite Floor Polish
Deluxe 805 Supreme Floor Polish
Deluxe 806 Floor Sealer
Deluxe 807 Tile & Concrete Sealer
Deluxe 808 Spray Buff
Deluxe 810 Multi Kleen
Deluxe 811 Multipurpose Cleaner
Deluxe 815 Glass Kleen
Deluxe 816 Cement Softener
Deluxe 817 Bowl Kleen
Deluxe 818 Mosaic Kleen
Deluxe 819 Air Freshner
Deluxe 820 Deodorant Block
Deluxe 823 Carpet Shampoo
Deluxe 824 Anti Foam
Deluxe 825 Hand Soap
Deluxe 826 Hair and Body Shampoo
Deluxe 827 Pine Gel
Deluxe 830 Car Wash
Deluxe 832 Degreaser
Deluxe 848 Dish Wash
Deluxe 853 Bleach
Deluxe Fly Repellant
Deluxe 862 Antibacterial Hand Soap

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